Heuglin's Gull L. heuglini taimyrensis
(including some intergrades?)
22nd. Oct.. 2001 Sakawagawa-River Odawara Kanagawa Japan

Darker mantle, yelowish legs, large red bill-spot.

Paler mantle, but yellow legs. The molting is obviously later than vegae.
At least 5 old primaries. Almost summer plumage overall.

The legs seem to include more pinkish tone (but yellower than vegae). But, its relatively late molting (4 old primaries), slimmer structure, and thin head-streaking are characteristics of taimyrensis .


Scaly upperparts, dark bar in greater coverts,  often resemble Lesser Black-backed Gull

 Vegae for comparison.
This individual is molting relatively early for vegae. The leg color is pure pink that includes purplish tone instead of  yellowish tone. The head is covered with heavy streaking.