Vega GullLarus vegae
4th.Jan. 2001 Gyoutoku Ichikawa Chiba Japan

Their heads are covered with soft, gray-brown streaking. Head-streaking of Vega Gull is more uniform and softer than "heuglini-related gull"('taimyrensis'), but is sharper than Thayer's gull on average.

Although their iris colors are very variable, the percentage of dark-eyed individual seems pretty higher than that of other "Herring gull" taxons.


Small, cute, female-types sometimes resemble  Thayer's Gull. But real Thayer's are usually distinguished enough  by its mantle color, head streaking, and wing-pattern in the field.

The P10 is still a little short.

Darker-mantled individuals are sometimes found, and somewhat resemble Slaty-backed Gull. Some of those individuals might suggest hybrid.

This relatively small individual seems to have old P10 (or 9?). And this molt seems exceptionally late for vegae. And the head shape looks triangular. I felt these features might hint influence of huglini-relationship. (- somewhere around the range of 'birulai'-'taimyrensis' ? ).

The mantle shade was slightly darker than other individuals in the field.

Probable 4th.winter.
Sub-adult type often has extremely heavy streaking like this.

This individual shows thin head-streaking. And the amount of head-streaking seems to equal some mongolicis. But the molt seems to be obviously later than that of mongolicus.

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