Heuglin's Gull L.heuglini taimyrensis

10th March 2001 Gyotoku Ichikawa Chiba Japan

This bird shows strong individuality.
Very large red bill-spot, long tip of upper mandible.
Especially, the combination between strong-marked head 
and pure white lower neck and breast looked singular in the gull-flock.

Note the yellowish leg, light built body, and long primaries
The mantle shade was a little darker than vegae.

Its wings show extended black on primaries  and 1 small mirror on P10
compared with most typical Vega Gulls.

Generally, this bird seems to be a male-type taimyrensis 
or taimyrensisXbirulai in its orange-yellow legs and large bill-spot. 
But this bird resembles "yellow-legged mongolicus " too 
in its rather long head/bill/body structure.
The mantle shade is not darker than vegae .

Typical taimyrensis 
Sakawagawa-river Odawara Kanagawa Japan, 
December 14th. 2000. 
 This bird is smaller than vegae. 
The mantle shade is similar to black-tailed gull.