Glaucous gull (race barrovianus ?)
Larus hyperboreus barrovianus?
Choshi Chiba Japan November 25th 2000


This individual shows smaller size (same to vegae or a little smaller), rounder head, and somewhat slimmer bill compared with typical Glaucous Gull. But the bill and legs are longer, wings are shorter than Iceland Gull. So this may be Alaskan subspecies barrovianus. Such birds are seen every year in small numbers in Choshi, and often seem to  show whiter head than larger birds in winter.

この個体はセグロカモメの標準よりやや小さく、頭も丸みがあり、この写真ではアイスランドカモメに やや似ているが、眼が小さく見え、脚も特に短くはない。

Same individual as above. It looks a little smaller than a Vega Gull on the left.

"Typical" Glaucous gull  for comparison.
Choshi Chiba Japan, November 11th 2000. 


 Barrovianus?  (same individual as above)
November 25th  2000
Choshi Chiba Japan

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