1st winter
Vega Gulls 
Larus vegae
February 28th 2012 Choshi Chiba Japan

This page shows 13 individuals. I put rather problematic ones near the bottom of this page.

A typical 1st winter Vega Gull ; darker than Mongolian Gull, paler than American Herring Gull.

A somewhat darker individual.

Another darkish individual with bicolored bill.

A paler individual, but less contrasty compared to Mongolian Gull.

Another paler individual.


Somewhat untypical one. Not sure if this is certainly a pure Vega Gull.  Note the darkish greater coverts. But other features look fairly normal.

A female type with gray scapulars like 2nd winter. 

A light-built bitd with gray scapulars. Might be a 'taimyrensis' ?

Narrow white fringe to the tertial tips, dark base of greater coverts. Probably a 'taimyrensis' ?