1st winter
'Taimyr Gulls'
Larus heuglini 'taimyrensis'
Jan. 17th 2012  Choshi Chiba Japan

'Taimyr Gull' (left) with Slaty-backed Gull (right).
Note the relatively slimmer structure compared to Vega and Slaty-backed Gull, darkish greater coverts, and narrow pale fringes to the tertial tips. 

The same individual as above
Note the moderately pale 'window' on the inner primaries. The wings show dark greater covert bar, but it still looks obviously paler-toned than secondaries.


Another similar individual, but its belly looks more uniform, and resembles that of Vega Gull. 

Again, note the moderately pale 'window' on the inner primaries, and the medium-toned greater covert bar.