2 adult
'Taimyr Gulls'
  Larus heuglini 'taimyrensis'
March 25th 2011 Tokyo Imperial Palace Japan

Individual 1

The mantle shade was very similar to Vega Gulls, but the structure was obviously slimmer and lighter.

Note that the black markings on wings are well-extended, and reach P3, and the single small mirror. But the white marks between black and gray ('moon') on P7-P5 are more prominent than in heuglini.

Individual 2

Another individual on the same date, closer to heuglini. The mantle was darker than in individual 1, but obviously paler than a Slaty-backed Gull that was present nearby.  I temporarily treat this as 'taimyrensis' here, but on the other hand suspect some pale heuglini might look almost identical to this.

No 'moon' on P7 and 8.