Caspian Gull  Larus cachinnans cachinnans
Jan 19th 2009 Choshi Chiba Japan

This fascinating adult Caspian Gull was found on January 18th 2009. We got this great news in the afternoon, and hurried there next morning. It was found quite easily as soon as we arrived there, because its clean white head and pale, slender legs were prominent in the flock of Vega Gull.


The underside of P10 shows narrow black (-as a result of very long pale 'tongue' at base) and wholly white tip lacking black subterminal band. And the upperwing shows distinctive striped pattern.

Then it flew away to the surface of the river mouth at 9:30 am. and came back again at

The Caspian Gull sleeping among 5 Vega Gulls and 1 Black-headed Gull. Note the slender legs.

The Caspian Gull (left) with 2 Vega Gulls.
Note the obviously slenderer overall structure including parallel-edged (indistinct gonydeal angle) long bill and thin and long tarsus.

The Caspian Gull (center) with 2 Vega Gulls.

It took off again at 11:38am. in the direction of the sea.