3rd winter
Slaty-backed Gull
Larus schistisagus
Dec.4th 2008 Miura Kanagawa Japan

This page shows photos of only one Slaty-backed Gull taken during 14:12 to 14:28 with no retouch of lightness and contrast. Note the apparent variability of mantle shade.

A Vega Gull is standing in the foreground. Their mantle shades apparently look very close because of difference of body angles.

This shot also shows its mantle shade apparently approaching to surrounding Vega Gulls. But note that their respective angles are different.

The same Slaty-backed Gull in center with Vega Gulls. When they are in similar angles, mantle of the Slaty-backed Gull looks obviously darker and stands out in the flock.

These flight shots also apparently show variable mantle shades in the same individual.