1st winter

Mongolian Gulls Larus (?) mongolicus
December 10th 2006 Shanghai China

A typical male-type. The tertial tips are strongly worn.

Same as above.

A female-type.

A typical 'frosty' and 'contrasty' individual, very dissimilar to Vega Gull.

A different individual. Note the fully molted scapulars, worn tertials and coverts, and whitish flank. The soft gray-brown smudge on breast side may somewhat recall Vega Gull. But this individual didn't seem dark enough to be a good candidate of Vega Gull. And its advance of molt/wear also seemed to be out of the normal range of Vega Gull.

The freshest individual on this trip. This looked light-colored overall compared to Vega Gulls in Japan, though it was not as 'frosty' as other individuals. Note the whitish flank and belly, narrow tail-band.

This shows a long-necked expression that is often seen in male-type Mongolian Gulls.