Mongolian Gull Larus (?) mongolicus
January 12th 2006 Choshi Chiba Japan

This brilliant whitish body was prominent among Vega and Slaty-backed Gulls.

The sitting gull at the right-end is the Mongolian Gull

Most of the scapulars, some tertials and some coverts are new. Juvenile feathers such as greater coverts and tertials are already very worn .

Vega Gull (left) , Mongolian Gull (right)
Note the slightly longer tibia and primary of the Mongolian Gull.

Mongolian Gull (upper-left ), Slaty-backed Gull(center), Vega Gull (right).
Note the narrow tail-band and whitish, barred underwings of the Mongolian Gull.

Vega Gull (left) , Mongolian Gull (right)