Heuglin's GullLarus heuglini
April 9th 2004 Sakawagawa-river Odawara Kanagawa Japan

 Its primary pattern seems to be a little different from that of  most Heuglin's Gulls photographed in the Middle East. Therefore, if we follow the taxonomy that considers taimyrensis as invalid taxon, this might not be a good Heuglin's Gull. But its dark mantle, overall structure and moult timing seem very nice to suggest  Heuglin's Gull. So I tentatively labeled this individual as Heuglin's Gull here. All photos in this page capture the same individual.

Note that the P10 is not yet fully grown in spite of April 9th.

The primary projection beyond the tail is fairly long.

From left-rear to right-front: 2 adult Vega Gulls, the Heuglin's Gull, a 3rd winter-summer Slaty-backed Gull.

The Heuglin's Gull in center with Vega Gulls. Note the dark mantle.

The legs are yellowish, and obviously differ from pink legs of Vega Gulls. But, it is not 'pure yellow' compared to Black-tailed Gulls.

Black markings are limited to the range of P10-P5. And the P9 mirror is relatively large. This pattern obviously seems to be in the minority of Heuglin's Gulls in the Middle East. It might suggest that this individual belongs to eastern populations than the Middle Eastern Heuglin's Gulls, though I don't know exactly where it is.