Vega Gulls Larus vegae
March 26th 2004 Choshi Chiba Japan

Vega Gulls mostly delay acquiring breeding plumage until April. And complete winter plumaged individuals are fairly common even in late March.

Primary markings: P10-P5, typical pattern for Vega Gull.


Primary markings: P10-P5

Head streaking is sparse in this individual.

Same individual as above. Primary markings: P10-P5

Primary markings: P10-P4, like the majority of Mongolian Gulls.

3 Vega Gulls. Note that they are not 'white-headed' in spite of late March.

Primary markings: P10-P5

Presumed breeding plumaged Vega Gull?
Primary markings :P10-P5.

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