Vega Gull Larus vegae
March 12th 2004 Choshi Chiba Japan

Note the typical wing pattern showing 6 black-marked primaries (P10-P5) and 2 mirrors.

A long-billed individual.

6 black-marked primaries (P10-P5)

This individual has 7 black markings (P10-P4) .

A 'taimyrensis' type. Yellowish-toned legs, slimmer general structure, longer wings.

2nd winter Vega Gull.

A very typical 1st winter Vega Gull.

A different 1st winter.

Vega Gull, or Hybrid?
The primaries looked a little paler in the field with narrow pale fringes. The greater/medium coverts show more extensive white. I felt those features might hint Glaucous Gull influences.