Heuglin's Gull L. heuglini
(or a kind of 'intergrade'? -according to suppositions of the border.)
December 19th 2003 Choshi Chiba Japan

The mantle gray was slightly paler than Black-tailed Gulls, and was presumed to be at least as dark as Kodak 8 (probably the same as Laughing Gull). Note the delayed molt timing, and LBBG-like overall appearance.

A Vega-Heuglin's interdrade below

Vega Gull (left) and the intergrade (right). The mantle was similar to many Vega Gulls, probably Kodak 6 or 7. And the overall impression looks more like Vega Gulls compared to the upper individual in this page. But, note the yellow legs and delayed molt timing, compared to the average Vega Gull on the left.