The second Ring-billed Gull L.delawarensis
March 28th 2003 Choshi Chiba Japan
The 2nd RBG for Japan. The first bird that had been wintering.
New Kamchatka gulls suspected to be on a spring migration were seen in large numbers. The second Ring-billed Gull for Japan was found among them, and was resting on the seawall at 30 meters apart from the first bird.

Note the paler mantle approaching Black-headed Gulls, though it can also overlap with paler birds of kamchatka Gull.

Although most Kamchatka Gulls were still winter plumage, both Ring-billed Gulls were summer plumage already.


The second bird has more orange-toned bill.

The mirrors are similar to those of the first bird, and are smaller than those of most Kamchatka Gulls.