Possible Steppe Gull L. (cachinnans/heuglini) barabensis
Choshi Chiba Japan

This individual looks quite strange in Japan. Its overall coloration formed by white head/underparts and dark upperparts and the long-legged/winged structure strikingly stand out in the flock. The relatively short bill does not seem to fit typical cachinnans, though some small females might be similar to this.

January 13th 2003 Photos by Yashiaki Watanabe

The white head/underparts resemble mongolicus.

But the dark wings (especially inner primaries and  greater coverts) look strange for mongolicus.

The same individual on
January 24th 2003, Photos by M.Ujihara



The same individual on
March 1st 2003, Photos by Yoshiaki Watanabe

The same individual on
March 20th 2003, Photos by M.Ujihara