Juv/1st winter
Mongolian Gull L. c? mongolicus
Novemberr 3rd 2002 Sakawagawa-river Odawara Kanagawa Japan   M.Ujihara


It looked very whitish overall in the field. Most scapulars were replaced.


A Slaty-backed Gull (left), and theMongolian Gull ( right)

2 Slaty-backed Gulls(left) and the Monglian Gull, a Vega Gull (behind), and a Black-tailed Gull.

Another individual below

Mostly juvenile plumage. Note the white edges to the primary tips, extended white on the coverts and tertials, and mottled belly. It looked obviously contrasty ("black and white") overall from a distance.

For comparison:
*Vega Gulls
*Vega Gulls