American Herring Gull  Larus (argentatus) smithsonianus
November 17th 2001 Choshi Chiba Japan

2 Vega Gulls (left), American Herring Gull (center), 2 Black-tailed Gulls (right).
Note the pale bluish mantle and clean pale yellow eye. The primary-molt is earlier than average Vaga Gulls.

American Herring Gull (left), Vega Gull (right).

American Herring Gull (left), Vega Gull (right).
The Vega Gull still has old P10 and 9.

Another individual that was found a few hours later.
Both individuals were not hard to find even among thousands of Vega Gulls.

Note the denser, more uniform head-streaking, compared to average Vega Gulls.